Welcome to LIPOELASTIC, the world's leading manufacturer of post-operative compression garments. LIPOELASTIC was founded in 2002 by Tomas and Alena Hradil. Starting from a local business of 15 employees, we now have 250 employees across 6 European countries and have expanded to more than 85 countries worldwide, including the Middle East, Europe and America.

LIPOELASTIC is a family-owned company taking pride in delivering the highest quality compression garments, which are all handcrafted locally in the Czech Republic. With more than 20 years of experience, LIPOELASTIC has become a leading expert in compression therapy. The key is cooperation with both plastic surgeons and the actual patients, as well as an ever-expanding portfolio, from post-operative wear and scar treatment to compression for everyday life.

LIPOELASTIC Ltd was established in the United Kingdom in 2016 to complement LIPOELASTIC's global presence. Based in London, LIPOELASTIC Ltd was the second subsidiary after LIPOELASTIC GmbH in Berlin, Germany. Because of the success of our subsidiary operations, LIPOELASTIC has further expanded to Benelux in 2017, to Italy in 2020, Austria in 2021, and most recently to Slovakia in 2022.

LIPOELASTIC Ltd takes pride to deliver excellent service and top-quality garments to patients across the UK and collaborating with the UK's top surgeons.


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