Witleaf Medical

Witleaf Medical
(Cast Health Scale Measure Life Quality)
(Supported by technological innovation, guided by clinical application, Develop cost-effective medical instruments, From promoting human health, social development and harmony, product technology and talent accumulation
Create common value for society, customers and employees.)
Core Value
(Independent innovation Honest in Career Customer Orientation Quality First)
Founded in 2013, Shenzhen Witleaf Medical Electronic limited company is a high-technology that integrates research, development, production and sales of medical device.Doctors, masters, and scholars from Xi’an Jiaotong University, Southeast University, Central South University, Shenzhen University, Yanshan University (and so on) involved in setting up Witleaf; more than half of our employees have at least master education background. As “the cooperator of Shenzhen University product study and research”, Witleaf works closely with Shenzhen University, making breakthrough progress in areas of high-performance EEG, depth of anesthesia, respiratory gas monitoring and diagnosis, etc, and having many researches completed achievement transformation.
Witleaf Medical deeply understand that independent innovation and core technology play a role in enterprise development. We’ve already had 30 patented technologies and 10 software copyrights, especially have unique technology and implement method in ECG diagnosis algorithm, pulse oxygen monitoring, respiratory gas monitoring, respiratory function monitoring, blood pressure monitoring, oxygen monitoring, defibrillation and pace-making etc., including numerous M series high-performance life information monitoring module, SP series small size oximeter, desk type multiparameter monitor, PetCO2 monitor, E series exercise test and ECG work station system and so forth.

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