BMC  30ST BIPAP device:

The BIPAP device is an auxiliary device that is used to clear the blockage of the airways, especially during sleep, or to increase the amount of air (increasing ventilation air) inside the lungs. Buy the bmc bi-pep auxiliary device with a price Inexpensive and suitable for users who are looking for high-quality and affordable devices are available in Tovani New Medical Equipment Store.

Bi-Pep BMC device is made in China and under German license, which has international standards and approvals such as CE Europe. Due to its good quality and reasonable price, this breathing apparatus has a large and satisfied audience of Afra Aradat at your service.

Features of the BMC bi-pep device:

Bi-pep device full mode: CPAP / TIME / S / ST
The ability to set the number of respiratory support rates (0-30: BACK UP RATE)
It has a warning sensor in case of any problem
Very low noise, less than 30 dB
Fully automatic air pressure adjustment
Quick coordination with the user
Has a color screen
It has an air leak warning sensor from the sides of the mask
It has an air humidifier or a humidifier
It has a memory card to record breathing patterns and present to the attending physician
The ability to adjust the amount of pressure
including high-quality bi-pep devices with a long lifespan
The weight of the device is 3 kg
Lightweight and easy to transport
Very easy to use
It has a travel bag to protect the bi-pep device from damage

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